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Possessed by the Vampire by Kellie McAllen a five-star read you won’t be able to put down. Roric and Caroline are such great main characters, but there are so amazing secondary characters like Tavern and Ivy, that make the story so much deeper, getting to know them all through the stories and finding the little details that make them all tick, made it such a deeper and more fun story. Reading about the rebellion and how they face the keeps you on the edge of your seat, but the drama between the characters keeps you hooked. This was such a compelling read that you will be possessed by the need to read it so be warned once you start, you wont be able to put it down. - Sara

OMG this book is incredible and the ending is one of the best I’ve ever read and since this is my 138th book of just this year, I read a lot! Roric, Caroline, Taven, and Ivy are all back with lots of love and action. Everyone gets their HEA, but not before there’s a lot of drama. My emotions were all over the place with this book and in the best way possible!!! If you love paranormal books, I highly recommend this each of the Vampire Enforcement agency books!! - Janet

What an incredible conclusion to Roric and Caroline's story! Explosions, kidnapping, rescues, shootings and lots of rogue vampires. Fast-paced action keeps you reading and you just can't put this book down! Well-written with amazing characters that you'll love. - G. Powell

Save the woman he loves, or save humanity. Which will he choose?
With the opening of the Vampire Training Academy, Roric is confident that the Agency is getting a handle on the rogue epidemic, and he can focus on other things, like getting Caroline to agree to mate with him.  But when the rogues conspire to take down the school, Roric realizes the battle has just begun.

The rebellion wants to bring an end to the Academy, the Agency, and, ultimately, the treaty between vampires and humans. While Roric is reeling from the surprise attack, they make their demands, holding Caroline as ransom.

Can Roric save Caroline before the next attack, or will he have to sacrifice the woman he loves to protect the world from his own kind?​​

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