A mermaid on a mission, four sexy, human mates, and a destiny divided between two worlds.
Thrust into an intriguing world of merfolk she never knew existed, Coral is awed and inspired by their dual existence. And after unexpectedly finding the one person who knows the truth about her past, Coral realizes she’s lived most of her life under a spell of lies.

Determined to free her people from the deception that’s held them captive, Coral returns to her underwater home. But she soon realizes that defeating a powerful stronghold is more than one mermaid can handle.

Lucky to have escaped with her life, Coral returns to the land and the men she loves. But when duty calls her once again, Coral must decide once and for all between her heart and her destiny.

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What readers are saying...

Ms. McAllen's stories are always original and the world created in this series is unique and imaginative. Drawing such detailed images with her words, the reader believes in a world where mermaids are real and love can triumph in the face of adversity. While this is a reverse harem romance, the characters are filled out with sensitivity and care, creating sweet and endearing moments between Coral and each of her lovers. - Shrimp8406

This book was an absolute roller coaster ride! Filled with action, heartbreak, and heartfelt moments! I couldn’t put it down. It was one big thing after another, and JUST gave you time to catch your breath before something else happened. I absolutely loved it and the ending was the biggest plot twist that I never even suspected! - Samantha

The Mermaids Return by Kellie McAllen a five-star read that will stay with you. This is the third book in the Siren series and my absolute favourite. This book is so great, and I don’t want to give spoilers but aggghh Coral really comes into her own this time... This book will break your heart and I was sobbing at some points, but also I was flipping pages faster that I realised possible at some points just to try and find out what next. If you are in the mood for a great read, with some steam and heart and a whimsy of mermaid drama then this is the series for you. - Sara