Strong fingers kneaded their way over my shoulders and down my arms before sliding around to my sides, pulling me tight against his lean body.  His hands splayed out on my back, searing the skin beneath my thin blouse, then slid slowly down past the waistband of my shorts, lighting a fuse that writhed erratically inside me, threatening to detonate at any moment.  Hot breath tickled my ear as he rubbed his cheek against mine then trailed his lips towards my mouth, and my own hands clutched at his hips, desperate to be closer.  I moaned as he sucked my lip between his teeth then plunged his tongue inside.

He explored every inch of my mouth, staking his claim, clinging tightly to my body till finally I pulled away, gasping for air, my heart fluttering like a frantic bird trying to escape its cage.

He groaned at the release.  “Oh God, Lexus.  I’m sorry if I’m going too fast.  I’ve just wanted to kiss you like that for so long.”

“Me too,” I whispered, trailing my fingers down his firm chest, outlining the muscles beneath his Iron Maiden tee shirt.


I nodded, pinching my bottom lip between my teeth.

Phoenix’s face spread open in a smile, crinkling the corners of his crystal grey eyes,  his happiness making his handsome face even more gorgeous.

I couldn’t believe he was mine.

Phoenix Easton was my polar opposite.  He was loud and boisterous, funny and outgoing, and his face and body rivaled anything I’d ever seen in a magazine.

I was more like his brother, Griffin — shy, quiet, with my head more likely stuck in a book than at a party.

The only thing the twin brothers had in common was their identical face.  Well, and the fact that they were both dating me.

Yeah, you heard right.

We’d spend a lot of time trying to juggle the complicated relationship blossoming between us, but now, the solution seemed so simple and obvious, I couldn’t understand why we didn’t think of it sooner.  I loved both of them, they both loved me — why shouldn’t we be together?

Too bad the rest of the world didn’t quite feel the same way about it.  I didn’t care, though.  I’d been a social outcast for most of my life.  I was used to it.

Phoenix slid his hands in my back pockets, and I draped my arms over his shoulders.  “I wish I could take you out somewhere on a real date, just you and me.  Where would you go if you could go anywhere?”

I tried to imagine my perfect fantasy, but all I could picture was another moment just like this with him in my arms, nothing standing between us.

“Maybe the beach?  I’ve never seen the ocean, only Lake Michigan.”

Phoenix’s lips curved up in a naughty smile, and his eyes twinkled mischievously.  “You in a bikini, frolicking in the water, is something I’d like to see.”

I grinned and dipped my head to hide my blush.  My self esteem had never allowed me to see myself as desirable, but the twins had a way of making me feel differently.

Phoenix bent his head to capture my lips again but groaned when the door swung open.  “Go away.  Don’t you know how to knock?  I had the door closed for a reason,” he mumbled around my lips.

I pulled away and wiped my mouth, still a little embarrassed to be kissing one of them in front of the other, even though they swore they were okay with it.  “Hey, Griffin.”  I gave a little wave and grinned at him.

He smiled back and reached for me, wrapping his arm around me from behind as he leaned in for a kiss.  Phoenix still had his hands on me, though, so I felt like the center of a hot guy sandwich.

“Wow, you two really take sharing to a whole new level, huh?  Got room for one more?” Jaxson said, taking the open door as an invitation to enter.  His deep voice was melodic, but it scraped along my spine, sending tremors of fear up and down my body.

My heart revved as I realized what this meant.  So far, we’d managed to keep our unusual relationship a secret, but now that Jaxson had seen the three of us together like this, I was sure the whole school would know about it by tomorrow.  Either that, or he’d hold it over our heads as leverage.

Phoenix narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, and his hold on me tightened.  “Get out of here, Jaxson.  How dare you show your face around here?”

Jaxson held up his hands in surrender and stepped backward.  “I just want to talk to you, okay?  I’m not here to cause trouble.”

“You’re not supposed to be anywhere near Lexus, and we don’t want you anywhere near us, either.”  Griffin scowled, turning to face Jaxson and shifting my body behind himself.

Jaxson seemed offended by the less than friendly welcome.  “Hey, I’m sorry, okay?  I know I overreacted—”

“Overreacted?!  You kidnapped Lexus at knifepoint and tried to kill me and my brother, you shithead.  You call that overreacting?”  Phoenix’s face blazed red, and the tendons in his neck stood out from his skin as he clenched his muscles and stalked towards Jaxson.

Jaxson didn’t back down this time, just scowled and sucked in a breath, expanding his chest and standing up straighter to emphasize his height.  He wasn’t as muscular as the twins, but he had a good four inches on them and a serious superiority complex.  He wore all black as usual, and his dark hair hung just past his ears, as shiny and iridescent as raven feathers.

“I said I’m sorry, all right?” he growled down at Phoenix, his delicate features snarling.  “But my parents are missing, and I was pretty worked up about it.  I thought you guys might have an idea what that feels like.”

The words filled up the room around us with a heavy sense of tension.

“Sarah told me your parents disappeared a while ago,” he explained when the twins gave no response.  “Seems like a pretty big coincidence.  Did you ever ask Anders if he knew anything about that?”

“How would Anders know anything about our parents?” Griffin scoffed.

“Because he says he knows where mine are, but he won’t tell me anything.  I thought maybe you wanted to figure out what happened to them.”