Just because you're soulmates doesn't mean you're meant to be together.

Michael fell in love with Jessica the moment he laid eyes on her, and he has made it his mission to protect her. He was born to be a guardian, after all, just not hers.
A guardian angel in training, Michael is fascinated by humans and the world they live in. When he sees a human about to forfeit her life, Michael jumps in to save her, setting off a chain reaction that will change both of their lives forever.
Jessica doesn’t know anything about angels, but she knows being with Michael is a taste of heaven on earth. He says he’s in love with her, so why doesn’t he ever stay?
Michael has always had a habit of thinking with his heart instead of his head, so when his destiny calls, Michael struggles to choose between what his heart wants and what duty demands. But could leaving his soulmate ever be the right choice?

One heart, two souls, three epic love stories.

The complete Soulmate Series in one beautiful collection!




Lost Soul 

Lost Soul (Soulmate #3)
Soulsearch (Soulmate #2)

Who says you can only have one soulmate? 

Life hasn’t been easy for Paige with wild hair, a loud personality, and a best friend who everyone thinks is crazy, but it only gets harder when said bestie moves away.
Of course, Paige is thrilled when her best friend, Rachel, finds her soulmate in a fairytale love story, but she’s gotta wonder — when does she get to be the princess?
When Rachel and her boyfriend go searching for answers to his supernatural powers, Paige is happy to help, especially if the quest involves hunky Zach Pasquetti, the guy Paige had a secret crush on even before he developed a six pack.
The trio believes that Zach has a secret, one that will help them uncover Rider’s past, and they’re counting on Paige to recruit him for their mission. When Zach finally reveals the truth, Paige thinks her own life might finally get a happy ending as well. Zach seems like a knight in shining armor, but is he really her prince, or a villain in disguise? 

Can she survive with only half her soul?​​

Rachel doesn't know why she shares her body with another soul, a boy she calls Rider, but she's fed up with being known as the crazy girl who talks to herself. She's thrilled when moving to a new town gives her a chance at a whole new identity, without the stigma of her “imaginary friend."

In her new school, Rachel is befriended by a kooky bunch of science club geeks who definitely aren't helping her reputation, but somehow she still manages to attract the attention of the hottest boy in school. Her new friends try to warn her about the notorious chick magnet, and Rider fears he’s losing Rachel as she makes one bad decision after another in pursuit of popularity. Rider might be her soulmate, but Rachel is willing to do anything to fit in, even if it means losing him.

When one wrong move brings everything crashing down around her, Rachel finally learns the truth about her soulmate. But what she doesn't know is, can she survive without him?      

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Soulmate (Soulmate #1)